Tuesday 16 August 2011

Plain at Dawn

 I wanted to paint a picture that depicted an open space, as open and as large a space as possible. I wanted the space to be boundless and to extend from the grass under our feet to beyond the sky and into black space.  Although the sun is rising the field of view is so wide that there is still some night at the top of the picture. I also wanted the painting to have a ‘dawn of time’ element to it as it is about ancientness as well as vastness.  
I based this place loosely on my memories from visiting the Serengeti. 
Oil on canvas
4ft x 3ft

Wednesday 3 August 2011

Serengeti memory

Acrylic on canvas
3ft x 2ft6

I painted this for my son because he likes lions and zebras. From this picture I went on to paint the above which focuses more on the vastness of the plain and sky.